Enrollment for the current school year is open on our online enrollment system.  Enrollment for the next school year will begin in MAY of each year.

You will need the following items to complete your enrollment:

-Proof of Age of Minor

-Immunization Records

-Two proofs of Residency

-Residency Based on Employment Application with proof of employment on base (if you reside off of the base)

-Interdistrict Attendance Waiver + Interdistrict Application (if you have no base affiliation)

-Transcripts/Grades from previous school

-Copy of IEP/504 (if applicable)

-Court orders/Restricted contact order (if applicable)

After gathering the above items, complete the Online Enrollment Application here.  You will be able to upload all required items to the Enrollment Application when prompted.  If you are unable to upload them you can also email them to [email protected] to complete your enrollment.

Email a signed copy of the Online Enrollment Application (last page) to verify your enrollment information and include your requested start date in the email.

Students must have all required forms and IMMUNIZATIONS  before they will be assigned a class.

Students with Interdistrict Applications and no base affiliation will not be completely enrolled until the application is reviewed and approved at the District level.  Parents will be subjected to a background clearance by the United States Air Force to be allowed access to the military installation. 

District Housing Questionnaire