Federal Impact Aid Cards

Several Federal Impact Aid Cards have not been turned in

We would very much appreciate your cooperation in providing the information requested and returning the Federal Impact Aid card to your child's school.  Should you have more than one child in the school district, please complete a separate card for each child.  This information is confidential.


Federal Impact Aid Card Instructions

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Federal Impact Aide card!  The support and funding our schools received from the Federal Government is a very important part of maintaining a high level of education for the students in our district.

These cards have some information that needs to be filled out in a specific way.  If it is not completely filled out correctly a new card will need to be sent home.

-All cards must be dated October 5th or later

-Please make sure you use only blue or black in to complete the card.

-Please make sure that all information applicable to you and your child/dependent is filled in on the card.

-If you reside on base, the Federal Property filed is the housing area you live in. (e.g., Mesquite Meadows)

-The card must be signed by a parent or guardian of the student listed on the card.

-Please leave blank fields that are not applicable to your employment.